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About Us

Noba Electric LLC, was established on December 30. 2011. The founder Francisco Miranda, with many years of experience in the field, has made Noba Electric his top priority along with his everyday clients. Our company holds very strong traditional business values and we are also equipped to meet the needs of modern-day clients. We realize the need for high quality work in less time, and our company is devoted to work with clients as they strive to meet their own deadlines. We are extremely professional with customer satisfaction. Combined, our employees have worked with every facet of the construction and renovation industries. We appreciate the necessity of good communication skills in dealing with different contractors. We feel that respectful communication is essential in finishing the job in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

Carla Diaz

Carla started working with Noba Electric LLC, on September 2018. She is our dispatcher, she schedules our technicians to go into the field to preform service jobs. If you need to schedule an appointment, talk to Carla!
(301) 277-4320

Clifford McFetridge
Service Department Supervisor

Clifford has been with Noba Electric LLC. since 2015. He has been incorporating his extensive experience to Noba Electric as a supervisor and service coordinator. Mr. McFetridge oversees our service and safety department. You can reach him at:
(301) 277-1477
(301) 277-4320

Lury Raimundo

Lury Joined Noba Electric LLC. in June 2018. As our secretary she handles our company’s licenses, permits and inspections. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her.
(301) 277-1477