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About Us


At NOBA Electric LLC. we work with integrity in every aspect of our business. Responsibility to us means that we prioritize every detail of our daily work.  Our Commitment to delivering the highest level of quality workmanship and communication Fulfills customer needs by meeting/exceeding schedules and deadlines with our experienced field teams. We provide precise and diligent service through the entire business process.

Why Us

Our customers can count on us. Our technicians are trained to provide you with the highest level of prompt, efficient, and safe service. At Noba electric, service and integrity go hand in hand. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation for quality and service since 2011


Noba electric is a commercial and residential service electrical company based out of Hyattsville, Maryland. Noba offers electrical, low voltage, and service solutions to the Maryland, Virginia, and DC Metropolitan area. Noba Electric is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional quality workmanship and meeting targeted deadlines.


At Noba Electric LLC we strive for success to fulfill our customer’s everyday needs, such as to an overall great experience, great team skills and comprehensive work, early completion to deadlines, great quality material work, and to an outstanding outcome of customer satisfaction.  It’s a must and has always been top priority to us, below is some of our some of our completed projects.