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Proper Care of Electrical Outlets


  • Posted on Jan 11, 2019


Image result for Regular picture of outletsImage result for Regular picture of outlets with cords connected

Avoid damage to your home, circuit breakers and yourself by properly taking care of your outlets.

  1. Switch off appliances, lamps, and other electrical devices before unplugging them.
  2. NEVER pull on the cord, always pull on the plug to detach from the outlet. And never pull on the cord at an angle. This prevents two types of damage to the cord itself and also to the receptacle.
  3. Avoid overloading an outlet with multi-way plugs, extension cords, or appliances with faulty wiring. This can also cause the circuit to trip frequently.
  4.  If you live in an older home, built prior to 1975, have an electrician check each outlet with an outlet tester to verify whether they are properly wired and safely grounded. Replace any electrical outlet that does not pass the test.
  5. Make sure you frequently check /test electrical receptacles in areas such as kitchens and baths they tend to need replacement more frequently, due to their continual exposure to steam, heat, and cleaning products.
  6. NEVER plug in a dryer, AC, heater into a regular outlet or anything that has a higher AMP. Make sure you plug in the proper things into the designated outlets.

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